You've Been Eating These 3 Foods Wrong Your Entire Life. Watch How It's Really Done!

I'll never eat food the same way again!

#3 Pancakes

#3 Pancakes

One thing that brings every human being close to each other is food. Food links the boundaries. Food connects us. But not everyone loves everything. Even in food, people have different favorites. Pancakes, Cheetos and Oreos have always been three of my favorite foods, but until recently, I've been eating them all wrong!

There's no better way to start your morning than with a stack of pancakes (and bacon, of course) but the syrup-to-pancake ratio is never right. The solution? Look for the video on further pages to know the solution. Also checkout the other food items that you've been eating wrong all this while.

#2 Cheetos

#2 Cheetos

Now cheetos is something that all of us loved as a child and even after growing up, our addiction for cheetos is far away from vanishing. It has always been a great snack for movie or gaming time, but their messy cheesy powder makes me wonder if they were actually meant to be a finger food.

Instead of slobbering all over your fingers or wiping the powder on your shirt, use a pair of chopsticks to pick up those cheesy delights. Your snack time will do double duty as you perfect your hand-eye co-ordination! Check out the video on the next page to see how it is done and another tempting food item that you've been eating wrong...

#1 Oreo And The Video

Did you know that you eat Oreo in a wrong manner too? There's an ages long debate on the proper method to eat an Oreo. Some people swear by the twist, lick, dunk method, and some simply prefer to dunk it right into the milk. Whichever side you're on, you've been dunking your Oreos all wrong. Don't dunk your Oreo like a savage, use a fork to get full milk coverage!

Check out the video to see how do you eat Pancakes, Cheetos and Oreo correctly. You are gonna love it!

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