You Will Be Shocked To See How These Women Steals From All Over The World.

You will be stunned to perceive how these ladies takes.

#3 The Indian Way.

#3 The Indian Way.

Shopkeepers all around the globe go back and forth to keep a check on their valuables, they take all measures, put up CCTV but fails to have a grip on their stuff. Here's how wisely an Indian woman steals laptop.

#2 Even Deads Weren't Spared.

#2 Even Deads Weren't Spared.

Not only from shops and stores but some are so insane that they couldn't resist getting their hands on a dead body as well. This lady takes away a ring from dead body at Texas, US !

Well, there are many such incidents that will leave you thrilled. Watch ahead, the entire video of some of the best steals across the world

#1 This Isn't All.

Not only this, many women from all around seems to be way to expert to be caught. From clothes to jewelry, mobiles to laptops, none couldn't be saved.

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