Woman Dragged Off By Tiger At Safari Park After Exiting Car In A Family Argument

It's a cruel world!

#3 The Argument

#3 The Argument

Well, it is an extremely important warning that is often ignored by the civilians while traveling to the wildlife park. We often ignore what is being told to us and hence we face the most fatal incidents!

The whole family was on a vacation in a safari park in China. Allegedly, this woman got into an argument with her family when the incident happened!

#2 The Tiger Dragged Her

#2 The Tiger Dragged Her

While she was out of the car arguing with her family, the tiger dragged her off from the road. So, in order to save her, her mother and husband exited the car

And sadly, in an attempt to save her daughter from the most fatal animal, the mother had to give up on her life

Watch the entire video in the next section.

#1 The Video

As per the The Legal Evening News, only the husband and the children were unharmed during the whole incident. The young woman was hospitalized soon after and have grave injuries from the attack!

See the horrific incident in the video here

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