Widow Discovers She's Pregnant At Her Husband's Funeral. Days Later, Doctors Tell Her THIS

This makes me happy and sad at the same time.

#4 Life Isn't A Movie

#4 Life Isn't A Movie

Life isn't a Hollywood movie. We have tons of phases in our life which aren't directed or choreographed according to the script. Situations are randomly thrown on us and willingly or unwillingly, we have to deal with it.

Although Courtney Hill's life isn't an exception in any way but you can easily make a movie out of her life. It has been that dramatic.

#3 This Life

#3 This Life

Courtney Hill fatefully met her husband, Brian, during a terrible snowstorm in 2011. It was love at first sight then they were married shortly after. And a few years later, they had their first daughter.

Life seemed perfect till here. They could see there bright future ahead. They were even planning for another kid. But then, all hell broke.

Checkout how this perfect life turned into a horrifying sad movie ahead .

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