Watch What Happened When This Airliner Got Struck By Millions Of Volts Worth Lightning

Blood Freezing!

#3 Lightning

#3 Lightning

Thunder storms and Lightning can increase everyone's heartbeat. They are dangerous and scary. Needless to say that anyone who comes in contact with the lightning DIES immediately. And the videos featuring lightning are scary too. Here is one such video that'll stop your heart beats and freeze your brains and blood!

Here, Jack Perkins, an average traveler in a sensational video shows an aircraft on the ground being struck by a massive lightning bolt. The video on the coming pages will give you chills. I got goosebumps while watching it. Make sure that you don't miss it under any cost.

#2 Bolt

#2 Bolt

Yes, we are doing some serious talking here. It wasn't a small bolt. Yes, a bolt that big would destroy a medium-sized building without a lightning conductor. After the lightning has struck the plane, it seems that the lightning has left some mark on the aircraft. Although it appears that the aircraft had faced some kind of damage, it isn't the case. The tower confirmed it for launch, and it was in the air for reasonably long time.

I am sure you would want to know the reaction of the passengers and the crew members who were present in the plane while this incident happened. You'll get all these answers on the next page and the nerve wrecking video as well!

#1 The Video

Looking at the video, if you thought that tons of people would've died, You are absolutely wrong. The crew and the passengers probably felt nothing as the aircraft's body has been designed to conduct the current and not get affected by it at all. So now do you believe the amazing engineering behind the huge aircraft's actually works? Check out the video and tell us about your reaction by commenting about it...

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