This woman decides to justify the deed herself.

#3 A mother first, wife second!

#3 A mother first, wife second!

When it comes to motherhood, a woman sees no boundaries or limitations in any aspect. To her, the child she raised with much care and love becomes her utmost priority.

And thus, this lady,Tatanysha Hedman, purposefully did something to his husband that will blow off your mind!

#2 This is inexcusable

#2 This is inexcusable

Phillips was offered with such undertaking by his wife Tatanysha because he was caught red handed molesting her 7year old girl who was merely aware of the dreadful act.

But what this angry mother did next to avenge such a contemptible act will take you by surprise! What's more shocking is the reaction of law to this matter!

Read ahead to know how the actual events unfolded..

#1 Awful

#1 Awful

The moment Vincent Phillips, 52 years old, went to bed, her wife, Tatanysha drizzled combustible liquid filled by aa ignited matchstick. She decided to burn him as to her shooting him was 'Too nice' for what he did. Though he didn't lose out on life but is charged with first degree sex crime.

Tatanysha is behind the bars for taking the laws into her own capable hands. Some people are dreading that she might be punished by the law severely, but some crimes are indeed inexcusable.

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