VIDEO: This Zombie Prank in a Brazilian Subway Was Seriously Terrifying and Hilarious!

Is it wrong that I laughed? I bet you will laugh too!

#3 Zombieland!

#3 Zombieland!

Have you ever considered the possibility of a real zombie attack happening?

Oh, cmon! With the amount of bone-chilling zombie movies out there, I bet that you would have at least wondered for a sec, what it would be like if it were all real.

And I bet that as you envisioned yourself in that reality, you would be a hero. Not like one of those dumb characters that gets killed right in the beginning of the movie. Correct?

#2 But if it were really real....

#2 But if it were really real....

We would be no better.

Well, that's what kinda happened to these poor unsuspecting ladies as they rode the metro one fine night in Brazil.

And believe me when I say, they did not take it well.

You are going to be terrified, worried for the ladies and quite amused at the same time. I think you will like it. Se the entire video ahead.

#1 Not for the faint hearted!

This video is a part of a prank by Programa Silvio Santos, a Brazilian TV show on unsuspecting subway travelers. They taken pranking to a whole new level.

Just watch the video!

Its cruel in a way. And by far the most scariest night that these subway travelers will ever have.

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