VIDEO: Puppy Wakes Himself Up To His Own Thunderous Fart

Someone else's farts bombarding you in confined space like an elevator: not funny. Your partner silently farting in bed and you don't know until you snuggle under the covers: again, not funny. A puppy startling himself with gas is laugh-out-loud funny.

#2 Nothing Makes You Laugh Like A Good Fart

#2 Nothing Makes You Laugh Like A Good Fart

Farts are funny. Not so much in a social environment or in the bedroom but perhaps if you're doing it and somebody notices it, it's funny for them. Now it's not cool to let one rip in a social gathering or any place other than a bathroom. I don't see a social gathering where a fart is appropriate but its a trick how people still do it and we can't help but laugh. Could you imagine a tiger or a lion farting while chasing a deer? And a deer coming up with a retort says "oh dear god, that was so gross that I almost died!" Animals farting, seems like a faulty premise right?

Dogs are said to be man's best-friends, they are also said to have the heart of a human and the capacity to love endlessly. But we humans are notorious. We tend to fart and blame it on the person next to us. Dog owners blame it on their dogs. What if you found out your dog secretly does it and you didn't even know it?? Wouldn't you want to know if dogs fart? Check the next page to know what happens....

#1 This Dog Just Let One Rip

The puppy in the video, however, doesn't seem to think his own fart, which makes him jump out of a deep sleep, is hilarious. This may be the first time he's ever heard such thunder leave his puppy bottom. The look on his face, as he looks around to see what the clamor is all about, is the best. We know you're going to watch this on repeat now.

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