VIDEO: Female Thief Sent In The Air After Car Takes Sudden Escape

This woman deserved this...

#4 A Thief

#4 A Thief

A person committing a crime is always worried about getting caught. A hint of distraction and they'll start panicking. This panic mode almost took away a woman's life.

This is the moment where a pregnant-looking lady was flung into the air after the car she was loading with petrol hurried away.

#3 All Because Of The CCTV

#3 All Because Of The CCTV

The lady, wearing shorts and a pink swimsuit top, was filling the red car's tank when a specialist went to check the vehicle's enlistment plates.

As soon as the driver of the car realized that the specialist is coming back since the entire activity is captured on the CCTV, he starts driving away the car while the spout is still connected to it. What happened next is shocking.

Keep reading ahead to know what happened next...

#2 The Pregnant Thief

#2 The Pregnant Thief

Since the spout was still connected to the car, the hose extends and the lady is shot into the air and crushes into the ground. The most depressing part is that this lady looks pregnant.

In the same shocking state, she rushed to the car, which then heads out while fuel spouts out of the pumps, spilling on to the court. Checkout the video ahead.

#1 The Video

This footage comes from Mt Warren Park Caltex on the edges of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Although the lady was doing something completely illegal but we still hope that her pregnancy faces no complications after the fall.

Checkout the video here...

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