VIDEO: Cop Turns Dashboard Camera On. Then He Pulls Out A Blanket And Does The Unthinkable

Cops are our real life heroes. No doubt about that after this...

#4 Police Officers

#4 Police Officers

Police officers are often misinterpreted and considered harsh and cruel. But this isn't the case in real. In true sense, they are the real heroes in our society.

Officer Dan Templeton from Elk Grove, California, pretty much goes on to prove this. This guy just did something brilliant.

#3 Dan Templeton

#3 Dan Templeton

Templeton was on his duty when he recognized a frenzied couple driving nearby his squad auto. His experience and sixth sense let him know something was out of order, so he had to intervene.

He approached the car of the couple and what he found in that was unbelievable. The day was all set to be the most difficult but exciting day of Templeton's life.

Keep reading ahead to know more.

#2 The Discovery

#2 The Discovery

Turning on his dashboard camera, Officer Templeton ventured out of his auto and drew nearer the couple. He reached a little closer and he discovered that a lady named Vanessa was going to conceive an offspring.

Templeton is the father of 2 children. He saw the condition of the women and realized that she cannot wait for medical help anymore. He didn't panic. The officer took it upon himself to help the couple.

#1 The Video

Somehow, Templeton gets hold of a piece of cloth and spreads it on the soil. He then started helping Vanessa, the pregnant lady. He delivered the baby himself.

It was Templeton's experience and cool temperament that the situation got perfectly handled. He just gave a couple the happiest gift of their lives.

Checkout the video below and see the entire incident.

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