VIDEO: Cameras Capture Rare Footage Of An Orangutan Birth. The Result? Phenomenal

Daddy's daughter has just been alive for fifteen minutes, yet she's as of now got the cheeky state of mind of a young person.

#3 This is offbeat amazing!

#3 This is offbeat amazing!

Humans and ape have always had a close relation, as we evolved ourselves from our ape like ancestors we have always had a close relation with them.

So every little thing by the family of apes are captured by us both for scientific study of human evolution and for our own curiosity but never before you have seen something like in this video.

#2 Baby Orangutan

#2 Baby Orangutan

Don't miss out witnessing something incredible done by the baby orangutan just within fifteen minutes of his birth and how the baby orangutan brought out the fingers before entering the world and which made us roll out laughing.

It seems the baby already knew the nuisances of the world she is entering into and she learnt her lesson well about the world inside the mother's womb.

Watch the video ahead!

#1 The Video

The most extreme moment of joy and pain amalgamated into one is experienced at the time of baby birth. This video shows a rare footage of the birth of a baby orangutan from the mother's womb and it made us go awe and overwhelmed with emotions and laughter.

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