This is the best example of 'The Simple Joys In Life'. Take A Look.

Millions of people saw this video and loved it. Why is this video so special? Take a look...

#3 Moments In Life

#3 Moments In Life

Life is all about living every single moment completely. It becomes beautiful with the quality time spent with people you like and not with money. This piece will prove that.

This one is about a Mom and her Chewbacca mask. A simple day at shopping turned out to be the best day of their lives for this family.

#2 The Mask

#2 The Mask

Candace Payne, a mother of two from Texas entered a kids toy store to shop for her children. She was at her local Kohls store and came across a Chewbacca mask.

She couldn't resist buying the mask and when she got back to her car she filmed herself trying it for the first time. That video got viral and everybody is in love with that video.

Keep reading ahead to see that video.

#1 The Video

While uploading the video, she used the caption "the simple joys in life". As mentioned earlier, the video got viral and thousands of people rushed to Kohls store to buy that mask.

Kohl's turned up at Candice's house this weekend to give her a load of gifts as a thank you gesture.

Checkout the video...

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