This Woman Was Rejected From 'X-Factor'But Now Is A Millionaire

She is a star!

#7 The Journey of Chloe Mafia

#7 The Journey of Chloe Mafia

Meet Chloe Mafia, the wannabe from X factor who was rejected from the show. But nevertheless, she make sure she makes her fortune through a different way!

This girl is a millionaire now and you'd be surprised to know how!

#6 Boot Camp Days

#6  Boot Camp Days

But while she failed to impress Simon Cowell in her first audition on the singing contest, she made it through to Boot Camp, with the boss eventually keeping her in, until one day, she was indulged in another outraging incident!

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#5 A Change of Job!

#5 A Change of Job!

The mom of one, caused outrage again when she was found with drugs one day. Hence, she was fired from the boot camp, but with the fire in her heart, she has already decided that she'd make it big!

So she chose to do something you'd really not be expecting

#4 She's a stripper now!

#4 She's a stripper now!

The Wakefield brunette, who was probably the most remembered auditionee in the X Factor is a stripper on webcam now! And she is making huge amount of money from there!

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#3 She Changed Her Name..

#3  She Changed Her Name..

Chloe, who now goes by the name Chloe Khan, said: "I got involved in webcam work after seeing other girls doing it online who were earning a fortune."

She travels a lot today, basically for shopping purposes and has also started a business of her own!

#2 Its a successful business!

#2 Its a successful business!

She herself admits that there's a lot of work in this business that persuaded her to open up a business!

"I got lots of work and then realised I could employ other girls to work for me and built up a successful business from there. I now have 50 employees and have made more than £1 million." Chloe said, during an interview

#1 She's Her own star

#1 She's Her own star

She is indeed proud of her choices and how she has turned around things in her favor! Speaking about her new life, she told Closer: "I’m so proud of how I've turned my life around, and proven everyone wrong". she says!

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