This Video Will Make You Never Want To Try Drugs...It's Heartbreaking

Honestly speaking, I couldn't watch the video till the end. Your Parents would've ranted over and over again about the harmful effects of Chemical drugs. But I bet, after watching this video, you'll never try drugs!

#4 Drugs

#4 Drugs

I remember my father telling me that 'Drugs, is a slow death'. I never understood what he said back then but the footage that I saw today is more than enough to explain me each and every single word of my Dad.

Consuming hardcore chemical drugs might just be soothing and cool for you in the moment, but what happens later is something that you should be worried about.

#3 What Happens Later?

#3 What Happens Later?

IF no one till date told you about what happens later, we will do the honours. Remember, this might just be too much to take for you in case you are a drug addict or take drugs occasionally.

The footage that we are about to show you has a young girl completely high on something. It looks like a Zombie Walk. This is very scary.

Checkout the video ahead.

#2 Content

#2 Content

In many American cities these days, the sight of addicts getting high on the drugs of their choice is very normal. This itself is a very scary fact. And this girl is from Worcester, Massachusetts.

The video was captured by a local resident who manages several buildings in the area. You can hear him talking as well.

#1 The Video

To say that this footage is scary and heart breaking will be an understatement. You look at the footage and decide it yourself. That poor girl. This video was shot in October of 2014. Let's just hope that she's gotten clean since then. Check out the video.

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