This Overloaded Truck Is The Funniest Road Fail Ever

There are numerous interesting street video that clients can see.

#4 Is Life Too Boring?

#4 Is Life Too Boring?

Sometimes you step out of the cafe on to the street and everything's normal. You take a cab home and that's that. Life is usually quite boring and stagnant but sometimes some things happen that really change things!

Today's story adds a dash of humour to somethings we see everyday. Trucks carrying things!

#3 Burden

#3 Burden

Over-burdened trucks are one of the funniest things to watch out for on the street. Although they are quite a scare if you're behind them on a traffic signal but keep a safe distance and they can be very amusing!

This truck was not only filled up to the brim but even over! Somehow it was making its way through the streets and it was tipping dangerously to either sides.

Keep reading to watch the video! Does it fall over? Does it not? You'll have to watch to find out!

#2 Watch It!

#2 Watch It!

Packed with these suspiciously white bags the whether the driver was drunk or high, the truck didn't stop to tell. But one thing's for sure, it is very very funny!

Checkout the picture, look at the tyre! It's not even on the ground! That's how crazy this is! And this is just a still picture! Don't miss the video!!

#1 Watch It!

Here it is! This is the funniest thing you're gonna watch today! It's like one of those farce cartoons only in reality.

Don't forget to share it with your friends, give them a laugh too!

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