This Daughter Did Something On Her Dad's Request. When She Finished, Amazing!

This qualifies for the performance of the year. Take a look...

#3 Family Vacation

#3 Family Vacation

Nothing can ever be compared to the vacation you spend with your family. No matter how much you deny it, the bond you share with your family members is stronger than every other bond in this world.

Rima Baransi was enjoying one such vacation with her family in Trieste, Italy. Rima and her family is from Palestine.

#2 The Request

#2 The Request

Rima was enjoying her time in Italy. They were exploring the streets of Italy when they came across a street musician who was playing the violin.

The father decided to record this performance. Suddenly while recording, he started requesting his daughter to do something.

Keep reading ahead to know more about his request.

#1 The Video

"Come on, come on please, do it for me", these were Rima's father's words. Already excited to know what exactly he wanted her to do for him? Let's end the suspense.

Checkout the video below and see what he wanted her to do.

PS. This girl is outstanding and deserves a huge applause!

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