They Watch Talented Acts All Day, But This Duo's Moves And Flashy Effects Left Them Dazed

I could watch this again and again.

#2 Reality Show Judges

#2 Reality Show Judges

We all love to see Reality shows. But how is it for the actual judges of these shows who get to see all this Live almost every day? Well they see tons of performances everyday. Because of this, it isn't easy for them to differentiate between a good, average and bad performance.

But if there comes a performance that forces them to applause even after a long tiring day at work then that performance has to be an extraordinary one. The Chicago-based Freckled Sky Group blew away the judges at their recent audition for "America's Got Talent." Check out the video on the next page to see the exact performance.

#1 The Performance Video

This performance was indeed special. With the vision conceived by creator and producer Val Syganevich and the combined talents of dancers Olga Sokolova and Jalen Preston, they are set for success. The dancing duo, both in their 20s, danced alongside a high-end, technological backdrop. Combining contemporary dance, creative storytelling and masterful use of technology, the team Freckled Sky is certainly paving the way for new forms of entertainment and content. They were so good that Howard Stern, a judge for the show, gave them the ticket straight to the live shows, while Howie Mandel noted they could win it all.

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