They Dance To A Song From 2015. But Watch When They Turn Around, Incredible!

This is the best thing you'll see today...

#3 Mashups

#3 Mashups

Mashup is today's way of compiling the best work available in one single stitch and presenting it to the world. Some mashups work and some don't. But this Mashup that we are about to show is a masterpiece. This is probably the best mashup you'll ever see. This is created by Michael Binder.

When he saw the mega viral hit that featured a bunch of dance scenes from popular movies matched up to the incredibly popular song, "Uptown Funk," he was instantly inspired to do a similar mashup, only he wanted to use dance scenes from movies that only came out of the Golden Age of cinema. The end result is incredible. Check out the further pages to see the result...

#2 The Perfect Clippings

#2 The Perfect Clippings

It took Binder a long while to find the perfect clips which properly conveyed the energy and passion. I mean, obviously, the song is uptown funk and it's not easy to match the energy of that song. But after he scanned through hundreds and hundreds of movies from 1953 and earlier, he finally edited together an absolutely stunning video featuring some of our favorite dancers and singers.

It is always a pleasure to watch legends like, Gene Kelly, Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, and Fred Astaire dance to one of the catchiest songs ever!Check out the amazing video on the next page...

#1 The Video

And here is the masterpiece. The amount of time it must have taken to edit this whole piece together is truly astounding. Not only did Binder have to be aware of the dance sequence in his head, but he had to time it properly with the music without speeding up or slowing down the original footage.

The best part is that this video is fun to watch. We loved this. I hope even you guys enjoy this as much as we did. Take a look at this gem...

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