These Russian Traffic Vigilantes Got More Than They Bargained For With THIS Driver!

Drivers in Russia are infamous for overlooking even the most essential of activity laws,as not driving on a walkway

#3 Safeguarding gets a violent call

#3 Safeguarding gets a violent call

While the Russian drivers choose to overlook the rules and even the most essential laws and rather takes a easy escape from the foot path, the law seems hardly convinced to take any step against it.

The locals seem to get a brilliant way out for this!

#2 The citizens showed up

#2 The citizens showed up

As the list gets a notch higher every time, bunch of local people who call themselves "Stop A Douche-Bag" have taken initiative against this by asking the drivers generously to step back from the walkway and drive through the main road or else they'll endanger them by putting up the sticker of "I'm a Douche".

But one driver gave them much more than they bargained for! Watch in the video ahead!

#1 Arrogance paid off

But the real time game began when this shaven head guy gets out of his frame of mind and messes up with them unknown of the fact what the gang might have up on their sleeves !

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