These Are Possibly The Most Cruel Experiments Ever Practiced On Humans

This is height of cruelty. Nothing can beat this. Take a look...

#7 Electric Current In The Brain

#7 Electric Current In The Brain

Surviving an electric current in general is painful, imagine how it'll be to experience that directly in the brain.

Thanks to a mad doctor, a woman called Mary Rafferty who was suffering from an ulcer in the skull experienced it! A doctor called Roberts Bartholow took madness to a next level when he decided to treat the ulcer in the brain of this woman by giving her electric shocks.

Bartholow inserted electrodes directly into her brain and applied varying currents to observe her reactions. He repeated his experiment eight times over a four-day period. The woman first slipped in coma and then eventually died! Talk about madness now!

#6 Guatemalian Syphilis Experiment

#6 Guatemalian  Syphilis Experiment

In 2010, a professor found out that the same health organization he was studying about also performed a similar experiment in Guatemala back in 1946.

This prompted the white house to do further research. It was later found that government-sponsored researchers intentionally infected 1,300 Guatemalans with syphilis in 1946.

The entire story is that doctors wanted to see if penicillin could be an effective treatment once a patient was already infected. To do that, the researchers paid prostitutes to spread the disease to other people-mostly soldiers, inmates, and psychiatric patients. 83 people died because of this.

Keep reading ahead to see more such cruel experiments on humans.

#5 Boiling Water Treatment

#5 Boiling Water Treatment

Can you imagine using boiling water to treat someone? Well, Dr. Walter Jones recommended boiling water as a cure for typhoid pneumonia during the 1840s.

He even used this estranged technique on some of his patients. Jones described in great detail how one patient, a sickly 25-year-old man, was stripped naked and made to lie down on the ground on his stomach. At this point, Jones poured five gallons of boiling water over the patient's back. Now this is deadly.

#4 Treatment Of Insanity

#4 Treatment Of Insanity

Now this is one of the most insane thing I've ever known about and co-incidentally, it is about treating insanity.

So in order to treat insanity, Dr. Henry Cotton came up with an idea. He firmly believed that localized infections were the root causes of insanity. He called his treatment "surgical bacteriology."

In this surgery, he would extract the teeth and tonsils of his patients. If that wasn't enough, he would go deeper and remove the internal organs which they believed were causing the problems. He believed so much in his treatment that he practiced it on himself and his family as well.

#3 Treating Kids With Shock Therapy And LSD

#3 Treating Kids With  Shock Therapy And LSD

Now kids are very vulnerable. There's a reason why we have child specialist doctors. Their treatment has to be different from adults. But a doctor didn't really believed in this.

Lauretta Bender is perhaps best known for devising the Bender-Gestalt test. A psychological test that assesses a child's motor and cognitive abilities. She believed in treating kids with Shock therapy and LSD.

As psychiatrist of the Bellevue Hospital back in 1940s, Bender administered daily shocks to 98 pediatric patients in an effort to cure them of a condition she coined "childhood schizophrenia." Unbelievable!

#2 Spinal Taps On Children

#2 Spinal Taps On Children

This is another very cruel experiment conducted on children. In 1896, a pediatrician named Arthur Wentworth decided to do something extremely cruel.

During an experimental spinal tap on a young girl, Wentworth noted how the patient cringed in pain during the procedure. He kept doing this. He crossed all the limits when he started doing this on infants. He conducted this experiment on 29 infants and toddlers.

#1 Experiments That Harden Your Skin

#1 Experiments That Harden Your Skin

Yes, you read it right, this is a thing. Dermatologist Albert Kligman ran a very comprehensive experimental program on inmates of Holmesburg Prison during the 1960s. In one such experiment, the US Army sponsored a study that focused on finding ways to harden the skin.

The concept already sounds so painful. Kligman applied various chemical-filled creams and agents to the inmates, but the only noticeable outcome was permanent scarring and a good deal of pain. This is possibly the most painful experiment ever conducted on humans.

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