The Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial You Need This Oct. 31!

The Mexican festival, day of the dead, and Halloween are getting closer. Watch this video to know more about the day of the dead and learn a nifty trick useful for both those festivals

October Is Coming

October Is Coming

October is just around the corner, which means so is Halloween. As exciting as Halloween is for children, it could be just as big a headache for adults. We can help you make it much less of a headache.

Of course we can't take your child trick or treating, but we have the next best thing. We have for you a video explaining an easy to make costume for this Halloween. And all you need is a bit of make-up and some brushes. So what are you waiting for?

Day Of The Dead

Day Of The Dead

Dia de los muertos, or the Mexican day of the dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated all around the world. It falls around the same time as Halloween and is a bit similar even if they have different motives behind them. Halloween is the day when spirits rise up and people dress as scary creatures to scare them away.

The Day of the dead on the other hand is meant for prayer and to remember members of your family who have passed away. The similarities with Halloween begin when people dress up in skull makeup and masquerade as the dead to represent the people who have passed away. In Mexico parades are set up, the church conducts services in the street to bring peace to the dead. Families then visit the graves of their loved ones and create beautiful altars adorned in flowers.

Practice Makes Perfect

With this tutorial we are not just helping you prepare for Halloween but also for the day of the dead. Show your support for other cultures and communities by celebrating the day of the dead yourself. While your make-up might not look as flawless as the one done by the make-up artistNoe Mae Villagonzalo, the person in the video. If you practice enough you are bound to improve by the time Halloween comes around. So what are you waiting for? Watch and learn more about dia de los muertos!

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