The Pimple Popping Doctor's Greatest Pimple Popping Case Ever!

A pain in the shoulder indeed!

#3 The Pimple Popper Doctor's Greatest Case

#3 The Pimple Popper Doctor's Greatest Case

The world's renowned pimple popping doctor, Sandra Lee faced one of the most toughest cases in her career. Undoubtedly, Sandra Lee aptly named the Pimple Doctor has had a lot of popping to in her career. But none like this!

Dr.Lee has seen a lot of weird cases but this one takes a top spot.

#2 A Huge Lump In The Shoulder

#2 A Huge Lump In The Shoulder

Every once in a while, the pimple doctor gets an opportunity to record some of the interactions and treatment. And this latest log is one of the most disgusting popping videos ever. And a must watch for some of the people on the internet!But trust me, its very difficult to watch till the end..

It is definitely not for the faint hearted! Catch the video in next section

#3 The pain in the back

The pimple in question was a lipoma that had developed on the back of a woman. Lipoma is nothing but the development of fatty tissue between the muscle and the skin. This lipoma that this woman developed was huge and very painful indeed. Leaving surgical removal of the lipoma as the only option. And watching this procedure.....isn't everyone's cup of tea

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