The Internet Went Nuts When It Saw What The Man Did To A Four-Year-Old Baby


#3 She's only 4 yrs old!

#3 She's only 4 yrs old!

Whenever someone does something to a baby, it naturally creates a buzz around because not only the babies are too vulnerable to all kinds of odds, but also because the babies cannot speak up for themselves! However, this story is the most cute thing you'll find on the internet today!

She's just 4 yrs old and yet was suffering from severe colic that made it too difficult for her to go to bed and sleep peacefully. So, her parents decided to take her to a highly acclaimed chiropractor in Melbourne, Australia.

#2 The Doctor's Magic

#2 The Doctor's Magic

Dr. Ian Rossborough proceeds to “treat” the infant, but his methods are being viewed as outrageous. Why? Because of what he does to the baby. But the good part? The baby sleeps instantly!

He's best at putting a baby to a deep sleep with his famous trick! But his collegues are not too comfortable with what he does. For them, the method is way too rough for an infant to handle!

Watch what he does to the babies in the video ahead!

#1 The Video

Though his method his rough, but it does provide relief to the baby. What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments below!

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