Student's Chilling Private Footage Of 9/11 Attacks Goes Viral Again

A footage of that dreadful day is going viral again. You need to see this.

#4 9/11

#4 9/11

There are certain incidents in the world that can never be forgotten. 9/11 is on the top of that list. This incident still gives chills to each and every person who remembers it.

One such individual is Caroline Dries. On that dreadful day, she recorded this incident second by second.

#3 After Spotting The Smoke

#3 After Spotting The Smoke

On September 9/11, Caroline Dries and her roommate, Megan, awoke at 8.46am to the sound of what they believed to be an explosion. Little did they knew was that this was the most disturbing incident in the history of Mankind.

Caroline started shooting the events from her 32nd floor room at 200 Water Street after spotting smoke from the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

This is the most realistic video that unfolds the true situation and condition of people at the time of the blast.

Checkout the video ahead.

#2 Caroline Says

#2 Caroline Says

In an Interview, Caroline said, "I just remember feeling, 'I don't know what to do.' That feeling of being so vulnerable was so overwhelming; and so, we ran out of the apartment, took the elevator down to the street, and it was just kind of pandemonium with no one knowing what [was] happening."

She further continued, "It took kind of ten years for me to understand why this footage is special. People, I think, want to remember the details clearly and to hold onto it because they know how significant it was. Sometimes I think it would have been nice to have not filmed it to just have run and let time kind of erase all the details and it would have gone a little faster."

#1 The Video

Today, almost 15 years after the attack, Caroline has become a TV writer and producer for shows including Smallville, Melrose Place, and The Vampire Diaries.

Checkout this amazing video that she shot while she was scared and terribly unsafe. Take a look...

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