Stranger Who Got His Daughter Pregnant Told Him He Didn't Love Her. But Never Thought He'd Ask Him THIS!

Not all men can do the same.

#3 Teenage Mistakes.

#3 Teenage Mistakes.

Every now and then, there's a news about a teenage girl getting pregnant and ending up being a single parent most of the times. Similar is the story of this father who's 17 year old daughter went to party and returned home with a little life in her womb.

Though he came to know about his daughter's expecting, he couldn't know about who the father was. Maybe she was too shy to reveal that it was one dark night when she had made out with a stranger and ending up conceived.

But what's more surprising to him was when a boy had stopped by to ask about Stacy.

#2 Even Though He Didn't Love Her.

#2 Even Though He Didn't Love Her.

Being a father, he knows who the other guy is who comes to visit his daughter but he still questions this unknown boy's reason to visit them. He wasn't much surprised to know that this guy was the one who's kid his daughter is carrying.

It wasn't just the girl who was living her teenage dream but her child's father as well. The boy too was in her 18s and had just passed his high school.

But the fact being, he was going to be a father now. And doesn't earn money all by himself to look after his kid. And then requests the daughter's father to be of some help.

His insisting to the girls father will totally stun you. Read ahead to find out!

#1 A Decade Later.

#1 A Decade Later.

The would be father had asked for a job as a sales person in the big man's car dealership business. He said he wants this job as the money would be invested in his child's better future. He wants to be a good father if not a husband.

10 years have passed by, and the young boy is now a father of two, has a good earning and shares custody with Stacy for their first child.

But what's more highlighted is that he stood up for his mistake and agreed to look after his first child. Owing up to such types of responsibilities isn't everyone's cup of tea.

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