Someone Kept Stealing His Packages, So He Came Up With The Perfect Revenge

Oh, his smartness!

#3 Someone Was Stealing His Packages

#3 Someone Was Stealing His Packages

You cannot escape getting recorded in the camera these days, thanks to surveillance cameras! But that doesn't mean crime rates have decreased. Thieves have discovered newer ways of stealing, so everyone should better come up with ideas to avoid theft and stealing!

This man was so tired of getting his packages stolen, that he came up with the perfect revenge!

#2 He Designed A Bait Package

#2 He Designed A Bait Package

Everyone in the neighbourhood was anxious about the theft, so he decided to design a bait box in order to record the thieves.

And he was astonished to see his plan finally working! The guy came in a car and took 3-4 good rounds near the house. When he found no one around, he moved out of the car and came towards the house to pick up the box.

He kept the box in his car and drove just 200 meters only to stop and rush out of the car. Why? Read on to check it out in the video. You won't be expecting it!

#1 The Best Revenge

Well, the box was an exploding bait box full of shit. So, you wonder when he tried opening the box, what he got on face!!

The best revenge for the box thief!

Check out the video here!

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