She Tells Her Grandma That She's Been CHEATED By Her Husband, So Grandma Tells Her To Do THIS.

This is intelligent...

#2 Wise Grandma

#2 Wise Grandma

There is a reason why elder people are considered to be smart. They are more experienced and mature compared to us. No suggestion given by them can ever miss the target. This grandma that we will be talking here is no different. The way she solves her grand daughter's problem for her is simply out of this world.

So this young woman went to her grandma and told her about how her husband was cheating on her and how she is completely shattered. Her grandmother takes her inside the kitchen and started boiling some carrots, eggs and coffee beans. After they were boiled, grandmother asked her grand daughter one simple question.

Keep reading ahead to know the question and the answer.

#1 The Question

#1  The Question

Once all the three things were boiled, Grandma asked her grand daughter to touch and feel the carrots, eggs and taste the coffee. She then explained their relevance to her grand daughter. She then went on to explain how each of these objects had faced adversity: boiling water.

It is interesting to see how each object reacted differently. Before the adversity the carrot was strong, hard, and unrelenting, but was now soft and weak as a result. The egg was once fragile. Its shell was the only thing that protected its liquid interior, but after sitting through the boiled water, its insides became hardened. And finally, coffee beans after being added to the boiling water changed the water completely.

She asked her grand daughter what is she out of the three? The solution lies in her answer. We should always strive to be the coffee beans. When things are at their worst, the coffee gets better, and changes the situation around it. Someone is right, elder people are indeed very smart!

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