She Draws Eyebrows On Her Cheeks. When She's Done? This Is SO Cool!

Tired of thinking up new costumes to wear during Halloween? Considering giving in and going with an overdone costume? Not anymore! Just watch this video and discover a new and trippy Halloween costume that is bound to wow all your friends.

Get ready for Halloween!

Get ready for Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner. Every year it's the same question, what are we going to be? There's the normal stuff that you wear every year, the simple stuff, like a witch or a clown.

But why stick to the same boring thing every year? Once you watch this video you will find a completely new and exciting costume for halloween! And it wouldn't just be for one year, this trick can be used in a different way every year!

Be amazed!

How do we plan on giving you this ultimate Halloween trick? By watching this video. It's an easy to understand makeup tutorial which gives you an extremely cool look.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and wtch the video and be prepared to blow the socks off all of your friends!

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