She Cracks Open A Giant Clam Hoping To Find A Pearl. What She Discovers Instead...INCREDIBLE!

Talking about good luck, here's a treasure hunt that even you would want to be a part of. Take a look...

#2 Oysters

#2 Oysters

Our mother nature is full of miracles. It enceintes billions of species that is impossible to keep a track of. One out of those many billion species is oysters.

Oysters are families of saltwater clams, bivalve molluscs that live in marine or brackish habitats. They are chiefly responsible for the pearls that we love in our jewelry.

Out of thousands of species, only 20 bivalve molluscs produce Pearls.



Days ago, a video that showed a woman seeking out pearls from an Oyster became viral. Pearls are naturally made inside the Oysters.

Pearl formation is one of Mother Nature's many magical processes. The expensive beads of pearls that we gush over so much actually have a very simple start.

The process in which they are made inside the Oyster is something that will excite you up.

Keep reading ahead to know the process and see the video.

The Process

The Process

So this is how the process starts. The oysters are known to produce a protective coating called nacre to reduce irritation.

There's essentially crystals of calcium carbonate in that protective coating and when enough of it has been applied to a specific location, a pearl is born. Now you should know that this doesn't happen regularly. An oyster can take up to 6 months to 2 years to create a pearl.

Unless you are an experienced pearl farmer, you need brilliant luck to stumble upon something like this.

#1 The Video

Watching this woman taking out Oysters is an experience. The reason why this video is so viral online is because the woman in the video doesn't crack open an oyster. In fact, instead of an oyster it's a giant clam! These creatures don't even produce precious stones as frequently as oysters.

This is what makes this video so cool. Finding Oysters with pearls is a difficult job. Imagine how lucky you are if you find them in clams or mussels?

Checkout the video below to see the beauty of this nature.

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