She Abuses Her 4-Year-Old Stepson By Feeding Him With Laxatives And Hot Sauce. The Reason Is Heartbreaking!

Stepmom feeds 4-year-old with Laxatives and pours hot sauce down his throat and the boy's father reportedly allowed it to happen.

#3 Shameful Motherhood!

#3 Shameful Motherhood!

Recently in Pennsylvania, a woman has been put behind the bars for allegedly abusing her 4-year-old stepson. And while she tortured this little soul, the father never spoke a word against her and allowed these to happen.

According to the reports, Danielle Duke, the kids stepmom has been ill treating the boy for quite a months now. They say, she'd fed him with laxatives and even poured hot sauce down his throat and didn't allow him to drink water to the next 15-20 minutes.

#2 Silver Lining For The Kid!

#2 Silver Lining For The Kid!

Although Duke tried her best to keep her ill-treatment with the kid within the walls of her house, but there was a well-wisher of this kid who had informed the authorities about this behavior. As per the authorities, this is what the person had said, "on numerous occasions, spanning approximately three months, she observed Danielle Duke on a daily basis cause (the child) to suffer her verbal, physical, and psychological abuse and Nathan Duke’s failure to stop said abuse.”

But this wasn't it. Duke had completely shattered and replaced the innocence of the child with fear and pain. Continue reading.

#1 Where Did The Humanity Go?

#1 Where Did The Humanity Go?

Reports says that Danielle used to play mermaid with the little boy with often included strapping his legs with sheets and duct tape and was left like that for hours.

Not only this, the concerned person said that Danielle even abused him with offensive words like, “I’m gonna kick your a–,” “You are a f–ing pig,” “You nasty a–hole,” and “You have a stupid, f–ing, ugly face,”

The reason this woman turned out to be so stone-hearted was because the kid was his husband's child from another woman and she took all these steps out of jealousy. Not only this, Nathan, the kid's father never stood up for his child even though everything happened in front of his eyes. The cruel parents are now facing charges of manhandling the child to such extend.

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