People Are Losing Their Minds Over This Instagram Of A Person's Legs

Checkout the reality of these shiny legs...

#3 The Leg...

#3 The Leg...

Internet is a place that can make you famous in minutes if you know how to trend yourself up there. All you have to do is put something different and unique about yourself and that's it, soon, you'll be really popular.

A photo of a Hunter Culverhouse's legs is tearing apart the internet today. That's right! Call it #TheDress all over again, but this Instagram photo is stressing people out like anything. Checkout the legs. Are you amused too?

#2 Unreal?

#2 Unreal?

The Internet is going mad about it and different people have different reactions. It looks extraordinarily shiny to some or unnaturally plasticy to others.

A general notion is that these legs are very unreal. But in fact, the legs aren't shiny. The photo is merely an optical illusion. We'll tell you the reality.

keep reading ahead to see the reality.

#1 The Reality

The reality is that legs are just covered in white shiny paint. Therefore, there is nothing unreal about these legs. They are as normal as it can get.

Try looking at the image again and you'll see what the reality is. But don't feel bad if you were #teamshiny. A lot of people are depressed now that the illusion has been spoiled.

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