Mom Packs A Lunch Box For Kid, But When The Teacher Sees It, She Quickly Dials 911!




The bond that teachers share with their students are amazing. From being a parent at school to their guardians, friends, siblings and even mentors...teachers are every child's own, personal super hero!

These superheroes ensure that they protect their children from any prospective it the parents themselves!



One's relationship with their mother is another relationship that is most special to everyone...adults and kids alike and this is not just because of her unceasing love... but also because of the lunch boxes she makes!

But this kid had something else coming his way!



This particular kid walked into the school boasting about a white box in his lunch box. Hearing the chatter, a teacher asked him to show her his lunch box...

When she opened the box to see the surprise inside, she couldn’t believe her eyes. It wasn’t the white box that was the big event, instead, it was the heroine, glassine envelopes, and pills that were packed discretely inside the box.

#2 THE "MEAL"!

#2 THE

The principal soon got to know of the box and the authorities were informed, the mother was arrested for acting in a manner injurious to a child, minor drug possession, and endangering the welfare of a child.

The unsorrowful mother replied, "I am the only one who prepares my son’s school bag and lunch. I use heroin. I do not shoot it, but I snort it. I could not find my box with heroin inside." She said the box must have landed in her son's bag by accident!


Stand up against heroin and other drugs and lead a better life. You are much more than just swollen veins, puffy faces and aimlessness. It is time you realized your worth. It is time you woke up!

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