Mom And 6 Sons Cut Their Hair And The Reason Will Melt Your Heart..

It is incredible that one family in New York donated more than 17 feet of hair to an organization that helps kids in need.

Phoebe Kannisto lives in Cheektowaga, New York. She along with her six sons 10-year-old Andre, 8-year-old twins Silas and Emerson and her 5-year-old triplets Herbie, Reed, and Dexter had gone to a local hair salon for chopping their hairs.

It is not expected for a boy to have long hair just like all other girls, so other people were teasing them but few adults were more inspired when they get to know the reason for their long hair.

Phoebe Kannisto's family, which also includes Kannisto's husband of nearly 11 years, Eric, and their 2-year-old baby Marah Taylor, later also went to the salon for the same purpose.

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The hair which on total is 17 feet was donated for Children with Hair Loss. It is a non-profitable organisation that helps children with medically related hair loss.

Phoebe Kannisto also said it is essential and important for her to donate to kids who are fighting cancer and she can donate their hair in particular since her husband is a cancer research scientist.

All the hair was then delivered to the Children with Hair Loss organisation, which helps create wigs for kids with medically related hair loss or some cancer patient, yet everyone apparently already keen on starting all over again for another donation.

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