Little Girl Helps Mom Deliver Her Baby Brother. But Everyone Burst Out Laughing When She Said This

Little kids I tell you...

#2 Kids

#2 Kids

Every child in this world is special. Children are considered to be little angels of god. They have something in them that makes others fall for their cuteness instantly. A few weeks ago, we gave you guys an ultimate guide to what your children may look like. No matter how they end up looking, make sure that they are at least as cute as this girl here.

So as you can see, power outage caused problems but eventually the child was born with the help of his 3 year old sister. What happens after the paramedic lifts the child is simply amazing. This little girl is so innocent.

Keep reading ahead to know the entire story.

#1 The Reply

#1 The Reply

Hehe. This girl will grow up to be a very logical person. As soon as she replied that Smack his ass again, everyone around started laughing like crazy people. Now you don't expect this from a 3 year old girl, do you? Tell us the funniest thing your kid has ever did by commenting below in the comment box. We will surely try to feature your story here soon.

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