Know What Kind of Butt Shape You Have and Know What It Says About Your Health.

Round, square, pear, inverted ... which butt do you have.

#7 The Square "H" Shape

#7 The Square

This shape is caused by higher more prominent hip bones, or a distribution of fat in the 'love handle' area. Overall your butt looks square shaped and is closer to appearing as a straight up-and-down right below your waist, rather than tapering to the waist with a smooth curve.

H-shape is due to a little bit of fat distribution in the "love handle" area.

#6 The Round "O" Shape.

#6 The Round

This shape often sits high when viewed from the side, and is usually quite perky and full. As you can see, O-shaped butts have a lot of volume in the cheeks and the sides of the butt. People with "O" shaped butts are considered as healthy, their body tend to store more fats in the higher region than the lower region of there butts.

Check other categories ahead.

#5 The Heart Shape.

#5 The Heart Shape.

The heart shape is generally considered to be the most feminine of the butt shapes, and is a result of fat distribution around lower portion of the butt and thighs. you can see how fat stored on the outer thighs just below the butt give an overall heart shape.

#4 The "V" shape.

#4 The

The V shape is more commonly seen in older women as lower estrogen levels result in the shift of fat storage from the butt to the midsection.

#3 Which Butt Shape I have?

#3 Which Butt Shape  I have?

Now that you know your butt shape, you're in a better position to start creating the changes you want with your butt. Big is not always bad, and a perfect example of bubble butt is Kim Kardashian.

#2 Choose it.

#2 Choose it.

Does your butt shape fall into the above categories? Mostly the weight of our body is carried in our butts, especially in women so the their butts may vary in various degrees accordingly. It's really more about the shape you find the most attractive.

#1 Reviews of butt shapes.

#1 Reviews of butt shapes.

According to a survey most of the women fall into one of these four shapes. The heart shape butt is the most healthy one which is categorized as perfect butt.

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