Kid Gets Bullied By Teacher At School, A Friend Steps In To Help And Now The Friend Is Being Blamed By The School?!

The truth will leave you dumbfounded. Is it wrong to do the right thing anymore?

#5 A teacher who bullies students.

#5 A teacher who bullies students.

Bullying of any kind is bad- no matter how small or big.

No one should bully anyone for any reason, but what do you do when your own teacher starts to bully your classmates?

Take a stand? Report the teacher? Keep quiet?

Well, this 11 year old decided to take a stand for the sake of her friends. And ended up paying a dear price.

#4 So what happened?

#4 So what happened?

"Biggest kid in 5th grade and you're acting like the smallest one. I wonder what your mom looks like"

That's harassment and a teacher said that! Not just that, there were threats too!

"Don't let the size fool you. I will drop you."

Poor kids right? So when Brianna Cooper recorded this on her cellphone and handed it over to a fellow teacher.... she didn't expect what was coming.

#3 But before that! What happened to the teacher?!

#3 But before that! What happened to the teacher?!

It was found that this was not a lone incident nor was it class-specific. More students had suffered the same treatment from the teacher. But kept quiet.

The teacher was fired from the school.

Brianna said that she did what she did because no one would believe a student's words. Not without proof. She said she felt what the teacher was doing was wrong and she wanted to do something about it. But then...

#2 She was called out to the Principal's office.

#2 She was called out to the Principal's office.

Brianna Cooper is like any of your average 11-year-old. Well-behaved and studies hard. And when she felt that she must do something to help her friends from the harassing teacher, she recorded the teacher during one of classes.

And she was suspended for it! Why you ask?

Why was this sweet girl suspended during one of her critical school time for helping a friend? She didn't do anything wrong did she? No? Well the school thought she did.

#1 Is helping and standing up for what you think is right wrong?

Brianna was suspended for recording the teacher during the class. The reason for the suspension was that she had violated the school's rules of privacy.

The move sends out a bad message to other students, says Brianna's mom.

If this is what you get for doing the right thing,then what is the need to do it in the first place?

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