In China, The Female Employees Of This Company Have To Kiss Their Boss Every Morning Or They Lose Their Job!

Is that female employee harassment I see?

#3 Come Every Morning

#3 Come Every Morning

Forget a simple handshake , a 'good morning sir' or even a hug! This boss man in China gets to kiss a dozen girls!

Now let me clear this-it's not a part of their workplace tradition(like something that was done since ages ago- even so it would be still inapproppriate for the present age).

When asked why this bizarre practice, the boss replied that it helped boost the employee's morale and foster a healthy workplace environment....(wtf?!).

#2 Weird Company

#2 Weird Company

Obviously, the reasons stated were full of cr*p.

In what sense I would like to ask, is that helping boost the employee's morale?

And if it's so important..why are the female employees the only ones who need to kiss their male bosses? Why not the male ones?

#1 What Company is this?!

This company sells home brewery machinery in Tongzhou District, Beijing and employs mostly women workers, per a report in

The worst part is that the poor female employees have no option when it comes this morning 'routine.' Those who resisted or were against the practice were fired.

People everywhere after seeing the video of this 'routine' have called for action and a ban on this practice.

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