I Found An iPhone On The Ground And What I Saw In Its Phone Gallery Terrified Me

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# 10 The Restricted Call

# 10 The Restricted Call

I was about to enter the lift lobby when I saw a white iPhone 4s lying on the floor which seemed to be in good condition. As I clinched it from the ground to examine, it appeared as if it belonged to a high school girl, from the tacky glittering pink case.

After reaching my room I threw my bag on the bed, I started inspecting it. I managed to unlock the phone as it wasn’t secured by any password and searched through the contact list, found a name “Mom” & pressed the call button. An exhausted voice came from the other side, not registering what to utter.

“Hello, umm, my name is Denis, and I found this phone near the lift lobby, I think it’s your daughters... how can I give it to u?”

Suddenly breaking the low sobbing sounds, a harsh voice came “Do you think it’s the time to joke. Get lost.” And the call disconnected, leaving me numb. I still thought what to do when a long Beep, Beep sound startled me, the iPhone’s screen lit up, Caller ID “Restricted”.

#9 The Disconnected Call

#9 The Disconnected Call

I picked it up




And the call gets disconnected. I tried calling back several times but no response. I had just completed in my head, to hand over the mobile to the cops, when the Caller ID “Restricted” again called up.

“Hello...! Can u hear me?”

Call Ended.

By now I was completely pissed off, not able to figure out that is it a prank. I thought I should go out and discuss it with Anna, my best friend, she will deal with it.

#8 The Picture Message

#8 The Picture Message

We went to a cool club where Anna along with her friends, who happened to be all guys, came in. A tall, dark, handsome man just my type approached me and asked me out, on following Saturday.

Later we went to Anna’s place and chit-chatted whole night. Next noon when I came back home, refreshed myself and I caught a glimpse of the Phone, as I picked it up to put it in my drawer, it lit up.

New message: Image.

#7 The Picture With Derek

#7 The Picture With Derek

I opened the message to view it and saw it was my picture with… It was a close picture of me talking to Derek, Anna’s friend I met in the club, taken just a few feet away from us.

My brain started racing, my cheeks became pale as a terror ran through me, I didn’t have the phone by accident. Somebody is trying to harass me. All sorts of thought started pouring in, not understanding what to do I drove to Anna’s place.

Explaining the situation to Anna, we both sat down and scanned the phone’s contacts, gallery and every possible corner to get hints.

“All the contacts... they’re all girls.”

#6 Some More Pictures

#6 Some More Pictures

Swipe, swipe, swipe.

The pictures were normal of a teen girl, then slowly a tall guy, probably her boyfriend started appearing and then black photos. After few more swipes, we saw the photo of knife stabbed in the girl’s stomach and the guy hanging from the fan.

Beep, Beep Sound. Caller ID: Restricted

In a trembling voice, I spoke: “Hello?”

#5 I called Derek

#5 I called Derek

“Stay away from him.”

The call disconnected.

Trying to collate what had happened until now and what the call meant, suddenly I stood up and grabbing my car keys and called Derek.

#4 The Meeting

#4 The Meeting

“Where are you, I need to meet you right now.”

With a smile, he spoke,” Come over to my place.”

I hesitated “Maybe somewhere more public...”

He spoke some expensive restaurants name “Elyse”

“I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

So many thoughts were still buzzing in my brain, after seeing Derek, I rushed towards him and hugged him tightly.

#3 The Confrontation

#3 The Confrontation

With tears rolling down my eyes, I spoke, “There is someone following us, to kill us.”

He held my face in his hands and spoke “I won’t let this person come near you, Ok? Everything will be fine. I’m there with you.”

Derek and I were walking towards my car when he suddenly paused

“What’s wrong?”

He looked around, grabbed my arm, “Follow me.”

We ran through the road, and before it ended we took a right, entered a dark alley.

He grinned and said, “So finally you’re here. Let’s begin.”

#2 The Confusion

#2 The Confusion

I was confused, terrified wondering where to run and what to do.

Derek reached the zipper of his jeans and came close to me, in panic mode, I lifted my leg in the air and hit him.

But he clenched my wrist like an iron grip.

Suddenly an image formed in front of us, it was the same girl, murdered, picture on the phone.

Derek screamed “ F*ck, It can’t be you.” And lost control over me.

#1 It all made sense

#1 It all made sense

Rescuing myself of the darkness, I ran back towards my car. As I sat down, the phone rang again

Beep, beep... sound

“I told you to stay away from him.” Realising what mistake, I had made, misinterpreted her.

She wasn’t trying to kill us but instead wanted to protect me.

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