I Can't Believe These Stunts Are Even Possible. This Is CRAZY!

This is Unbelievable !

#2 A Performance Worth Watching

#2 A Performance Worth Watching

In life we always feel like we have seen everything. As we get older we feel as though we go through the same motions, the same experiences again and again. But the good thing about life is that it never ceases to surprise us. This next video does just that. It surprises us by showing us everything that is possible.

This rider executes bike stunts for a living. Putting in hours and hours of practice he finally made this set of stunts to perform in front of a crowd. He puts his life (or at least most of his bones) on the line just to entertain people. This was the winning performance of the Stunt grand prix 2013. Winning performance? Yes this video features the best of the best. Just watch it.

#1 Watch Why He Won

Watching the man almost fall so many times makes you feel like you are about to fall yourself. And yet he does not fall and defies gravity and logic with every move. He dances to the tune while executing the stunts almost making it seem easy. Watch it yourself and decide just how good the winner of the stunt grand prix is.

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