Her Apartment In NYC Is Only 90 Sq Ft. When She Opens The Door, I'm Shocked By How She Lives

This is a dream house for tons of people in many ways. This small apartment contains more things than your big apartment. Take a look

#4 A Dream Apartment

#4 A Dream Apartment

An apartment in Manhattan is everyone's dream. But this article is not about properties in Manhattan (all of us know they are amazing), this article is about turning a very small and average property into extraordinarily spacious paradise for yourself.

All you architecture lovers, this is a treat for you all. Check how Cohen lives in her 90 sq.ft apartment in NYC.

#3 Cohen's Apartment

#3 Cohen's Apartment

Cohen's apartment is in the Upper West Side of New York, and she is within walking distance to New York's greatest attractions like Central Park and the Lincoln Center. She pays only $700 a month for this apartment.

The reason why an ordinary human being cannot survive in this apartment is because this is to small for survival. But proving everyone wrong, Cohen's house is better than any average ordinary house out there.

Check it out.

#2 The Small Apartment

#2 The Small Apartment

She utilizes every single inch of her 12 x 7 space. Her bedroom is different too. It has a lofted bed with a ladder to create more storage space. She has no closet as well.

She has made a makeshift kitchen. She also owns some beautiful pieces of art. Cohen couldn't be happier with her living situation.

#1 The Video

Look at the way Cohen has utilised the space available and made this tiny pad worth living. This thing is brilliant and looks like a dream residence. Look at the video and see this house properly.

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