He Is 30 Years Old And She Is 13 Years Old! He Asks Her Father If He Can Marry Her. Mystery Begins Now!

There's not just one but quite a number of teenagers he'd asked to marry him. But what the guy reveals about himself is way too witty.

#3 She's His Little-Miss-Sunshine!

#3 She's His Little-Miss-Sunshine!

Love indeed is a beautiful feeling that sees no caste, creed, religion and at times even age. But how would you react if I say that a 30-year-old man is dating a teenager and not just this, he plans to make her move in with him and marry her too.

Alexander, an actor from Denmark, knocks the door of his current girlfriend's dad to ask him if he would let his daughter go with this big man.

#2 Was She One Amongst Them?

#2 Was She One Amongst Them?

On an average, 82 girls who are under the age of 15 are victimized of child marriage. Alexander had joined hands with Borne Fonden For Children and Youth Foundation to stop child abuse and spread awareness amongst the local people.

Though the fathers were unaware of who exactly Alexander was, they were shocked to see their daughters hanging around with a guy like him. They were worried what all their little princesses might have gone through.

But the truth is yet to be revealed. Continue reading.

#1 Mystery Reveals!

All the fathers whose doors Alexander had knocked were frowning and angry to know how a big man could do this to their daughters. This certainly had to happen but fortunately, this was all a part of an act to spread awareness.

Just when the dad starts to react and take action, he reveals that this is a part of PSA and there are hidden cameras to capture the scenario. Below is the entire video of the act.

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