Farmer Takes Footage Of His Sheep - Now Watch What Happens When He Opens The Gate

This picture is so soothing. Take a look...

#2 A View As Good As This

#2 A View As Good As This

There are certain things in our world that take place only to make us feel good. Our nature makes sure that it never fails to amaze us. This footage that we are about to show you is from New Zealand.

Be ready to get astonished by this amazing sight of hundreds of sheep being herded through the green pastures of New Zealand. This view is outstanding and soothes your eyes.

Checkout the view ahead.

Tim Whittaker

Tim Whittaker

The footage that you will see ahead was taken by an aerial photographer and pilot named Tim Whittaker. Let me describe the image before showing you the actual footage. As Tim was flying, he filmed the mass herd of sheep moving across the grass by dogs.

The best part about this footage is that it was taken from a very good height. The sheep all look like little white specks from the sky, which follow each other closely as they stampede to their new location. This entire visual looked like a kaleidoscope.

Keep reading ahead to see that.

The Interesting Part

The Interesting Part

This waves of sheep attracts your attraction as they slowly move from one place to another. It is very interesting to see the speed change that happens in between and also the way Sheep from a wide-spread group comes to very close together.

Check out this astonishing video ahead.

#1 This Footage

The best part of the video is definitely the one when the herd bottle necks through an open gate. This is indeed mesmerizing. Without wasting any time any more, see the video which will actually be a delight for your eyes.

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