Ever Wondered Why Airplanes Have Winglets? Here's The Technical Reason

The reason is something that people like us could never guess. Take a look...

#5 Planes

#5 Planes

If you travel a lot by plane, you would've observed little things here and there on the flight. Most of them will confuse you but there are a few things that might just be interesting to know about.

If you observe the wings of the modern planes properly, you'll find a little something on them that looks like their extension in real time. What are these things?

#4 The Winglets

#4 The Winglets

The little things that we are talking about are called winglets. They are the small pointy extensions of wings that are protruding at an awkward angle on wingtips.

Practically speaking, planes are capable enough to fly without these winglets. Then why do we have them on the wings?

They are present for a very important reason. Keep reading ahead to know that reason.

#3 The Main Function

#3 The Main Function

We asked a few experts about these winglets. Aeronautical engineer Robert Gregg says, "Winglets help to reduce the induced drag with the creation of lift. In simpler words, winglets allow aircraft to get airborne much more easily and thus, require less power from the engines which in turn makes way for greater profits and lower emissions that are the goals nowadays".

Now this sounds like quite an explanation! Reports suggest that because of this winglets, airliners reduce emissions by 5% and improve fuel efficiency by 5%.

#2 A Similar Result

#2 A Similar Result

Just so that you know, a similar result can be obtained by increasing the length of the wings. The longer the wingspan is, the lower induced drag, the aircraft will have to face.

But fortunately or unfortunately, Airlines can't really do that for commercial reasons of course. Checkout the video about these winglets ahead.

#1 The Video

But, in a few instances, wings are extended instead of going for winglets since there are no space restrictions. The popular Boeing 777 has no winglets and a wide wingspan.

Checkout the video about these winglets ahead.

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