Doctors Hid This Baby So Nobody Could See This Face. 22 Years Later, She Shows It All

Tongue tied!

#3 Meet Mui

#3 Meet Mui

There are hidden secrets that are kept from the world because of their rarity. This is one of them!

This is about this brave-heart girl Mui who has a strange skin disorder that affected her longevity. The caring staff of the hospital decided to kept her with them..but her destiny had planned something else..

#2 Incurable Condition

#2 Incurable Condition

She was found was by a couple volunteering for the hospital. They adopted her and planned to give her the life she deserves!

Mui required constant care and support for her disease was both incurable and rare. Thomas' made sure she get everything that she ever needed!

Having adopted this one quality, she lived through 22 years of her life..Read ahead to know what is it!

#1 Determination

#1 Determination

Mui is determined to the core of her heart! She has impeccable strength to fight all the adversities of life and hence she enjoys each second of her life.

She lived longer than what the doctors were expecting because of her determination. The disease is called Harlequin ichthyosis, in which the skin of the diseased person is extremely thick, dry and flaky — resembling fish scales. But in spite of all that, she is a true fighter. Currently, she is a Rugby referee and an inspirational speaker

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