Disastrous Group Selfies Causes Seven Friends To Drown In India.

Selfies are dangerous.

#3 Selfies Took Their Lives.

#3 Selfies Took Their Lives.

Selfies have become the most routinely practiced activity. Hanging-out-with-friends-selfie! Wandering on-the-roads-selfie, Standing-in-a-queue-selfie. It is like every minute and even every moment seems like a waste without selfies.

By the current logic, no selfie equates to no fun. But lately, this selfie obsession has been more hazardous rather than showing the sunny side up.

Reports says it all! In 2015, selfies have wrecked more lives under water than sharks. Till September, 12 lives came to halt by selfies and 8 had been victims of sharks.

But even this year seems no less. Of late, a group of seven friends were drowned to death while taking selfie.

See what caused them lose out on life.

#2 It All Happened This Way.

#2 It All Happened This Way.

At Kanpur, India, the group was enjoying underwater at Ganga river when one of the group member reached for a groupfie(that is what they call for a group selfie) but in the middle of it, his lost grip on his balance and the current brushed all of them off.

The police officer disclosed, "The six friends accompanying him drowned one after another in a bid to rescue others,"

A team of trained divers were hired to spare the bunch of friend's lives but could only got hold of their stoned lifeless bodies.

Off late Mumbai has taken some strict actions to avoid such loses. Check them ahead..

#1 Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

#1 Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

Seeing such misfortunes happening now a days, Mumbai authorities have declared around 16 places to be no-selfie zones.

Also, Russian interior minister warns his citizens against this. He makes a valid point. He says

"Before taking a selfie, everyone should think about the fact that racing after a high number of 'likes' could lead him on a journey to death and his last extreme photo could turn out to be posthumous."

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