Couple share a cute selfie online - but there's something Very creepy going on in the background

At first glance, it looks like just another sweet selfie depicting a loved-up boyfriend and girlfriend but there's actually something pretty freaky going on.

Selfies can inspire a lot of emotions - love, jealousy, and even admiration.

Like every other couple we know, this another cute couple posted an innocent selfie on Twitter the other day but the internet is freaking out at the mere sight of it.

There is something very weird about this selfie which has forced around 47 thousand people to retweet it in just a couple of days.

Can you spot what it is?

On Wednesday, Andy Fuentes another Twitter user posted a selfie taken by a young boy with his girlfriend and captioned it as “I love my girlfriend even if she is a Gemini.”. The image shows two young people embracing, and at first glance - all appears to be perfectly well.

Though it appears like another adorable couple selfie, but at the second sight, you’ll notice that there is something in the background which is making people lose their shit.

There’s a clue in the caption of the photograph — posted by the boyfriend — that most users initially missed the significance of which goes: “I love my girlfriend even if she’s a Gemini.”

The initial reactions of the people to the image on Twitter express horror and shock. 'Delete this,' demanded one Twitter user while somebody posted screenshots of the girls zoomed in the face in the mirror, accompanied by exclamations of 'What!'

While some web users have used words such as “witchcraft” and it seems that the photo was a riddle all along about which people couldn’t stop from commenting and retweeting.

One user wrote: “This is really creepy”.

Another pondered: “How is her face like that in the mirror”.

Did you spot it yet?

Read on to solve this mystery

Though the image of this couple seems a casual thing and even the text wasn’t too weird but, some feel it directly explains the weirdness in the photo.

A Gemini is a Zodiac sign that is used to represent twins. Thus, people often stereotype those born under the sign of the Gemini has been 'two-faced' or having split/dual personalities.

Fortunately, someone seems to have unearthed a clue in the photo's caption that could explain the entire ordeal but the weirdness of the picture is beyond imagination.

Take a closer look at the image - particularly in the mirror in the back of the picture did you notice anything off?

Yeaah… that's right - though the girl in the picture is facing the camera and away from the mirror - you can also see her face fully reflected in the mirror, giving the illusion that the girl has two faces though scientifically it is not possible. But weird, right?

What is she? Some Satan?

Some seem to think that the two faces evident in the picture are a play on that sign of the zodiac, Gemini.

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