Boxer destroys thug who threw a lit cigarette at his Girlfriend.

A lesson well taught.

#3 Over-smart Fellows.

#3 Over-smart Fellows.

In recent days, the definition of being cool has been changed turning people from smart to over-smart dumb ass. This is what exactly a guy did while he was in the middle of puffing his cigarette with his friend.

#2 He'd Thrown An Ignited Stick Upon Death.

#2 He'd Thrown An Ignited Stick Upon Death.

This oh-so-cool guy had thrown his half lit cigarette on a girl who was passing by with his boyfriend. This guys was totally in dark to know who that guy was and what he'd do to him.

But he did was something that taught that buzzer a lesson for lifetime! Check in the video ahead!

#1 He Digged His Own Funeral !

The guy with this girl was a boxer. Taking revenge for what the badass did to his girl, he wrecked him down leaving him numb on the floor.

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