Always Wondered Why The McFlurry Spoon Looks Like It Does? Here's Why.

And finally we know the secret...

#3 The McFlurry Spoon

#3 The McFlurry Spoon

No place other than McDonald's serve you an ice cream with such a huge square shaped spoon. People from around the world have given tons of weird logic's for this spoon. Since McDonald's is such a huge company in itself now, anything related to it becomes very important for its customers.

Therefore, everyone used their own logic behind signifying the utility of this huge square shaped spoon. Some thought that it was square and sturdy so that it wouldn't break in the ice cream. But this logic can be easily countered as a normal plastic spoon can do the same job as well. Check out the other logic's given by people and the real reason behind the look of McFlurry spoon on further pages...

#2 Other Logics

#2 Other Logics

The other logic that people like to leech upon is that the spoon is a 2 in 1 thing and you can even use it as a straw. Tons of people around the world have tried using it as a straw but failed miserably.

Not only common people but even engineers tried deriving a conclusion. They performed a detailed analysis of the structure, and came up with a logical explanation. Check out the image above to know their logic and check out the video on the next page to know the real answer of this mystery...

#1 The Video

The logic applied by engineers is obviously not completely correct. Here we tell you the real reason behind that shape of McFlurry Spoon. According to a McDonald's worker, they fill the cup with ice cream and dump the oreos on top and then they stick the SPOON in and in the End, they put the entire thing in a machine and use the spoon to stir McFlurry. Yes, it was this simple all this while. Check out the video and you'll understand everything clearly...

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