A Gay Couple Got An Insane Response When They Invited Someone To Their Wedding

This letter is so rude and puts the humanity to shame. Not cool...

#3 Marriages

#3 Marriages

Marriages, they say, are made in heaven. It is the most awaited day in everyone's life. Same was the case with Keith and Chad. They were planning for this day from god knows how many years now.

The cards were printed and invitation was distributed to the family and friends. The was gonna be the best day of Keith and Chad's life till this letter arrived.

#2 The Letter

#2 The Letter

While sending out the invitations, this lovely couple must have send the invitations to a few wrong people as well. After sending out invites to guests for their wedding next month, they received a bunch of RSVPs, and an unsigned letter.

The start of the letter itself is disgusting enough to not like it at all. What comes further is even more disturbing.

Keep reading ahead to know what was written in the rest of the letter.

#1 The Complete Letter

#1 The Complete Letter

This is what was written in the letter completely. Isn't it shameful? This makes you sad, right? I still can't believe such people still exist in our society.

There is some good news. After the anonymous letter went viral, a local church announced that they're hosting a card shower for Chad and Keith. It means that you can send them letters of support, which they then will throw at the happy couple while everyone cheers. Now this is genuinely a good news for the couple.

Thanks to this hate letter, they are determined more than ever to make the big day happen in an unforgettable way.

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