8 Times Parents Regret With All Their Heart For Prying On Their Children!

Yikes! They seriously did not need to know that.

#8 Awkward

This story from a guy who works at a Nokia And Samsung mobile phone repairs showroom is most certainly cringe-worthy.

This father brings in his daughter's phone for some servicing and right at the moment he's handing over the phone, a text preview appears which says-"God I can't wait to see your big boobs."


The father's reaction was priceless and he gritted his teeth while the phone got serviced before going home to deliver judgement day.


#7 Not what he was hoping to find...

This one's a bit sad. Kid's father locks him out of most of the internet through parental controls. Which pisses off the kid so much that he decided to retaliate by using a key logger in hopes of getting his father's password, so he can access the account settings and change his privileges.

He gets what he wanted along with a dozen or so love letters his father was writing to the woman he was cheating with on the kid's mother.


#6 Something one should not know...

Here, the kid regrets prying with all his heart.

His mom confiscates most of his video games and so when searching for them realizes his mom hides the video games better than her strap on.


#5 Browser History

Man finds out that his 14-year-old stepdaughter has a thing for anime porn. Perfectly okay with it but wished that the child of two IT parents knew how to delete browser history.


#4 If embarrassment could kill....

Guy had a small bathroom all to himself growing up. One day while cleaning his grandma comes across his hefty stash of porn magazines under the bathroom counter. Grandma straightens it out, puts them in neat bundles and never talks about it. Cool grandma? Guy is embarrased to death obviously.


#3 Gross!

Guy's at a new job where he's helping the kid transfer the files from his old phone to new phone. Poor newbie doesn't know that it had a pre-installed app that showed a 'gallery' on the second homepage after you swiped right. He was explaining how to use it and the default image the gallery function decided to select was a fully frontal nude photo of this poor kid's junk.


#2 Poor Mom

Guy's in the middle of a fapping session in his room when his mom walks in. And he says to his mom-"I'm just checking if it works." Poor mom always knocks before coming in now.


#1 Accidental

Guy by mistake clicks on a gay porno website advertisement and dad walks in exactly at that moment. Dad closes the door awkwardly and doesn't say anything. He will forever think his son is gay.


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